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Topic: Bereavement

Posted 21 March 2011, 9:10PM

I've been working as a Recreational Therapy Assistant (RTA) in a nursing home & at the hospital for a few years now.  I've made great friendships with patients & residents of all ages. I realize that it is expected in the future or not so distant future that we will lose our patients & residents from old age or from whatever diagnosis they may have.


It's not as easy as some employers may think to lose someone you've been working with almost everyday for years & then return back to work the next day.  You walk past their rooms & they are no longer there.  You just can't get over that so soon.  It's just not humanly possible sometimes. Sometimes you just need time to reflect and cope with a loss.


Inservices (educational/workshops) are offered sometimes on a weekly or daily basis in the workplace. When these are available all staff are expected to take that time to attend. I have attended numerous of these but not once have I come across an inservice on how to cope with the loss of a loved one whether it be with the loss of a family member or whether it be coping with the loss of a patient and or resident.


I think the Solacium Group should be offering these in-services at all the nursing homes and hospitals so that the staff knows that there is are people who do care & are willing to HELP you cope with your losses and remind you that you are not alone. Not only would this be beneficial to the employees but also to the employers! In hopes that we will be attending one of your in-services in the future! Kindest regards, Joanne~

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