The Solacium Group

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An Employee Dies

When an employee dies, the pressure on your leadership team to first communicate the news and then support the team is intense.  Most individuals feel ill prepared to handle such a difficult situation well. 

Having both a short and long term plan is critical.  Here's how we can help:


  • Develop communication and support plans for organization

  • Prepare your leadership team to deliver the news

  • Provide onsite support to the leadership team


  • Provide ongoing support and guidance to leadership team

  • Conduct group educational sessions

  • Facilitate team discussions 

some things to consider….

  • Close friends, colleagues or those who sat in close proximity to the individual will need individual conversations and a different level of support than the general population.


  • The deceased employee's family may want to come in and retrieve personal items.  Sometimes they wish to speak with colleagues and supervisors.  Prepare the team for these possibilities and support them throughout.


  • Your leadership team will be carrying a difficult load.  Create a plan to “support the supporters” so they can be at their best.

We can help you.  Please call.

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