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The Worst Kind of Leader

The Worst Kind of Leader Hides


All week horrific images of the devastation caused by the train derailment and massive explosion in Lac-Megantic, Quebec have been all over the media.  We've seen and heard interviews with families shattered beyond comprehension, awaiting confirmation of what they already know but hope beyond hope is not true.  


When Does a Broken Heart Become a Mental Disorder? Guest Post

When does a broken heart become a mental disorder? (Guest Post)


Rarely, if ever. But don’t tell that to the American Psychiatric Association, which has just released its fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 


Back to Work Script

"I don't want to talk about how my father died with people at work" a client said to me.  "What are you comfortable saying?" I replied.  And that lead to a longer conversation about boundaries, personal needs and how it all fits in the workplace. 


Simple Acts in Extraordinary Circumstances

It's Monday morning and your boss calls everyone together for a meeting. She looks sombre. Erin, your colleague's 18 year old daughter died in a car accident on the weekend.


I'm Different

"I couldn't transfer a short series of numbers from one page to the next. Just couldn't do it." (Bereaved father)


When Grief and Work Collide - Guest Post

Reality Check: When grief and work collide On May 27th, well be doing an e-Roundtable on probably one of the most uncomfortable subjects out there: death.


How can people help? - A dialogue - Guest Post

Have you ever been in that awkward and uncomfortable position where you see someone for the first time after they have lost someone they loved? Maybe you knew the lost a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a child or a precious friend?


A Few Good Colleagues

"I'm not sure what to say," is often the first thought many have when a colleague returns to work after losing a loved one. There is a fear of somehow making it worse, or saying something that causes an emotional reaction or simply not knowing how to even broach the topic.


Some Acknowledgement is Better than None

"Several employees asked how my vacation was. I had asked my boss to let people know what happened, run interference for me and he had not done that. I later found out that the employees were told not to talk about it, not to ask me questions.


Coping when a resident dies - Guest Post

I've been working as a Recreational Therapy Assistant (RTA) in a nursing home & at the hospital for a few years now in which I have made great friendships with patients & residents of all ages.


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